Firewall Juniper SRX110H2-VA

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    SRX services gateway 110 with 8xFE ports, 2G RAM & Flash, 1-port VDSL2/ADSL2+ over POTS, USB port for cellular modem connectivity. External PS and Cord include

    Product Description

    Maximum Performance and Capacity
    Operating System Junos
    Firewall Performance (Large Packets) 700 Mbps
    Firewall Performance (IMIX) 200 Mbps
    Firewall + Routing PPS (64 Byte) 75 Kpps
    VPN Performance 65 Mbps
    IPsec VPN Tunnels 128
    IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) 60 Mbps
    Antivirus 25 Mbps
    Connections per Second 2,000
    Maximum Concurrent Sessions 32,000
    Maximum Security Policies 384
    Maximum Users Supported No restrictions
    Network Connectivity
    Fixed Ports VDSL/ADSL2+, 8 x 10/100
    Other RG45 Console port
    USB 2
    BGP instances 5
    BGP peers 8
    BGP routes 8000
    OSPF instances 4
    OSPF routes 8000
    RIP v1 / v2 instances 4
    RIP v2 routes 8000
    Static routes 8000
    Source-based routing Yes
    Policy-based routing Yes
    Equal-cost multipath (ECMP) Yes
    Reverse path forwarding (RPF) Yes
    Layer 2 VPN (VPLS) Yes
    Layer 3 VPN Yes
    LDP Yes
    RSVP Yes
    Circuit Cross-connect (CCC) Yes
    Translational Cross-connect (TCC) Yes
    Multicast7 Yes
    IGMP (v1, v2, v3) Yes
    Protocol independent multicast (PIM) sparse mode (SM) Yes
    PIM dense mode (DM) Yes
    PIM source-specific multicast (SSM) Yes
    Multicast inside IPsec tunnel Yes
    IPsec VPN
    Auto-Connect VPN
    Concurrent VPN tunnels 128
    Tunnel interfaces 10
    DES (56-bit), 3DES (168-bit) and AES (256-bit) Yes
    MD-5 and SHA-1 authentication Yes
    Manual key, Internet Key Exchange (IKE), public key infrastructure (PKI) (X.509) Yes
    Perfect forward secrecy (DH Groups) 1,2,5
    Prevent replay attack Yes
    Dynamic remote access VPN Yes
    Layer2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) within IPsec
    IPsec NAT traversal Yes
    Redundant VPN gateways Yes
    User Authentication and Access Control
    Built-in (internal) database – user limit
    Third-party user authentication RADIUS, RSA SecureID, LDAP
    RADIUS accounting Yes
    XAUTH VPN, Web-based, 802.X authentication Yes
    Unified Access Control enforcement point
    PKI certificate requests (PKCS 7 and PKCS 10) Yes
    Automated certificate enrollment (SCEP)
    Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP)
    Certificate Authorities supported VeriSign, Entrust, Microsoft, RSA Keon, iPLanet,
    Self signed certificates (Netscape), Baltimore, DoD PKI
    Maximum number of security zones 10
    Maximum number of virtual routers 3
    Maximum number of VLANs 16
    Address Translation
    Source NAT with or without Port Address Translation (PAT) Yes
    Static NAT Yes
    Destination NAT with or without PAT Yes
    Switched ports Yes
    IP Address Assignment (IPv4 & IPv6)
    Static Yes
    DHCP, PPPoE client Yes
    Internal DHCP server Yes
    DHCP relay Yes
    L2 Switching
    VLAN 802.1Q Yes
    Link Aggregation 802.3ad/LACP Yes
    Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) 802.1D, RSTP 802.1w, MSTP 802.1s Yes
    Authentication 802.1x Port based and multiple supplicant Yes
    Traffic Management Quality of Service (QoS)
    Guaranteed bandwidth Yes
    Maximum bandwidth Yes
    Ingress traffic policing Yes
    Priority-bandwidth utilization Yes
    DiffServ marking Yes
    High Availability
    Active/active – L3 mode Yes
    Active/passive – L3 mode Yes
    Configuration synchronization Yes
    VRRP Yes
    Session synchronization for firewall and VPN Yes
    Session failover for routing change Yes
    Device failure detection Yes
    Link failure detection Yes
    Network attack detection Yes
    DoS and DDos protection Yes
    TCP reassembly for fragmented packet protection Yes
    Brute force attack mitigation Yes
    SYN cookie protection Yes
    Zone-based IP spoofing Yes
    Malformed packet protection Yes
    Unified Threat Management
    Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) Option
    Protocol anomaly detection Option
    Stateful protocol signatures Option
    Intrusion prevention system (IPS) attack pattern obfuscation Option
    Customer signatures creation Option
    Frequency of updates Daily and emergency
    Express AV (packet-based AV) No
    File-based antivirus Yes
    Signature database Yes
    Protocols scanned POP3, HTTP, SMTP, IMAP, FTP
    Antispyware Yes
    Anti-adware Yes
    Antikeylogger Yes
    Antispam Yes
    Integrated Web filtering Yes
    Redirect Web filtering Yes (no Juniper subscription required)
    Content filtering Yes
    Based on MIME type, file extension, and protocol commands Yes
    System Management
    Web UI http & https
    Command-line interface (Console) Yes
    Command-line interface (Telnet) Yes
    Command-line interface (SSH) Yes
    Network and Security Manager Yes
    STRM Series Yes
    Local administrator database yes
    External administrator database support yes
    telnet/ssh client & server
    Software upgrades with J-care
    Configuration rollback multiple
    Syslog (multiple servers) yes
    SNMP (v2 & v3) yes
    SNMP full custom MIB yes
    Traceroute yes
    VPN tunnel monitor yes
    CX111 3G Bridge support Yes
    Max WLAN access point supported 210
    Flash and Memory
    Memory(DRAM) 1GB, externally accessable
    Memory slots Fixed memory
    Flash memory 1 GB
    USB port for external storage Yes
    Dimensions and Power
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 28 x 4.4 x 21.3 cm
    Weight (device and power supply)
    Rack mountable Yes, 1 RU
    Power supply (AC) 100-240 VAC, 60 W
    Average power consumption 24 W
    Input frequency 50-60 Hz
    Maximum current consumption 1.75 A @ 100 VAC
    Maximum inrush current 70 A
    Average heat dissipation 35 BTU/hr
    Maximum heat dissipation 99 BTU/hr
    Acoustic noise level (Per ISO 7779 Standard) 0 dB (fanless)
    Operational temperature 0° to 40° C (32° to 104° F)
    Nonoperational temperature -20° to 70° C (4° to 158° F)
    Humidity 10% to 90% noncondensing
    Mean time between failures (Telcordia model) 24.8 years
    Safety certifications EN 60950-1
    EMC certifications EN 55022 Class B, EN 300386
    Network homologation CTR 12 / 13, CTR 21, DoC

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