Đầu báo nhiệt FST-851

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    Sealed Thermal Sensor

    Models FST-851-WP and FST-851R-WP are intelligent addressable heat sensors that utilise a thermistor sensing technology for fast accurate response. Available in Fixed Temperature and Rate-of-Rise sensors, they are sealed against the entry of moisture to a rating of IP67 and are suitable for outdoor applications in addition to installations such as cold rooms, carparks and wash down areas.


    Product Description

    IP67 rating.
    Dual LED’s for 360˚ visibility.
    FlashScan protocol
    Fitted with flying leads.
    Easy mount base.
    Sleek, low-profile design.
    Addressable-analog communication.
    Stable communication technique with noise immunity.
    Low standby current.
    Fitted with tamper resistant feature.

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