Module quang SFP 10Gbps Multi-mode 300m Optone SFP+-10GB-SR

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    Product Description

    Module quang SFP 10Gbps Multi-mode 300m Optone SFP+-10GB-SR

    The SFP+-10GB-SR series multi-mode transceiver is SFP+ module for duplex optical data communications
    such as 10GBASE-SR and 10GBASE-SW. It is with the SFP+ 20-pin connector to allow hot plug capability.
    Digital diagnostic functions are available via an I 2 C. This module is designed for multi-mode fiber and
    operates at a nominal wavelength of 850nm.
    The transmitter section uses a Vertical Cavity Surface Emitted Laser (VCSEL) and is a Class 1 laser
    compliant according to International Safety Standard IEC 60825. The receiver section uses an integrated
    GaAs detector preamplifier (IDP) mounted in an optical header and a limiting post-amplifier IC.

    Operating data rate up to 10.3Gbps
    850nm VCSEL Transmitter
    Distance up to 300m @50 / 125 um MMF
    Single 3.3V Power supply and TTL Logic Interface
    Duplex LC Connector Interface
    Hot Pluggable
    Power Dissipation < 1.0 W
    Compliant with MSA SFP+ Specification SFF-8431
    Compliant with IEEE 802.3ae 10GBASE-SR/SW
    Operating Case Temperature : 0°C to +70°C (Standard) or -40°C to +85°C (Industrial)
     10GBASE-SW at 9.953Gbps
     10GBASE-SR at 10.3125Gbps
     Other optical links

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