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    Mã sản phẩm: X-618

    Hãng sản xuất: Honeywell

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    Product Description

    X-618 is the best commercial audio management solution for medium to large scale-building developers who are keen on acoustic excellence, system reliability and total ownership cost saving. Target users include but not limited to international 5-star hotels, premium office buildings, shopping malls, sport stadiums, exhibition halls etc.

    Typical applications:

    •  Large public area (covering over 400,000 m2), a complex consisting of more than one single buildings — Sub-system in different buildings should be networkable and manageable by a central management softwaretool.
    •  Hotels, offices and shopping malls usually coexist– Comprehensive functional design to meet various needs of different users for different purposes.
    •  Over 10, 000 people going in and out of thebuildings every day– system should work 24/7 without single point of failureand can assist emergency evacuation with high efficiency.
    •  Sub-systems located in different control rooms ofthe buildings — User can real-time monitor the working status and control thesub-systems in an easy way.
    •  Considering returns on investment — save not onlyon upfront investment, but also total ownership cost.


    1)  X-DCS2000/EN Digital Integrated System Manager: based on Ethernet, is the core unit of X-618 digital PA/VA system. Functions such as audio source storage, network audio receiving, voice playback, audio matrix, volume control, monitoring, error detection, amplifier backup, etc. are all perfectly integrated into the highly 2U compact housing. The patent pending ID design is not only aesthetically attractive but also reduces installation space requirement cable cost.

    • 8 zones per standalone unit, easily extendable via Ethernet.
    • At least 9 audio inputs and 4 audio outputs, built-in automatic volume control according to ambient noise level
    • Timing play mode and up to 255 play priorities can be set via software configuration
    • Backup amplifier configuration (main + backup): 3+1, 2+1, 1+1, 2+2
    • Built-in 1GB flash memory – can store audio files, recordings and error logs
    • Can monitor zone broadcastings locally or remotely
    • Can interface with fire alarm control panel via 8 dry-contact inputs or MODBUS. Can play 4 alarm tones and user-defined emergency evacuation announcements simultaneously

    2) X-DA Series: High Efficiency Digital Power Amplifier is built upon the leading concepts and latest technologies to offer you flexible choices for different applications. The more compact, more stable, more enjoyable and more economical design together offer users a joyful experience

    • Multi-channel Class D digital power amplification technology
    • Lightweight design. Front panel is specially made of UL94 V-0 rated ABS material
    • SNR greater than 100 dB; nonlinear distortion less than 0.05%
    • Provide both balanced and unbalanced audio inputs
    • Forced air cooling design adopted for overheat controlX-DA series high efficiency power amplifier

    3) X-NPMI: Configurable Network Paging Console connects with X-DCS2000/EN and other X-618 components via Ethernet. Unlike traditional call station, the design of X-NPMI centers on information display, user experience and environmental harmony. From interface design to installation methods, X-NPMI is totally user-oriented

    • Lightweight and innovative ID patent pending design. Enable desktop flush mount installation
    • 4.3” color LCD touch screen. Can display system states, broadcast to 1 zone or a group of zones, and achieve marious control via“touch”.
    • Simple and intuitive user interface design
    • Extension, maximum 20 NPM per system, number of function button can be expanded via software without needs of additional keyboard module
    • Built-in monitor loudspeakers. Can achieve functions such as zone monitoring and two-way intercom among X-NPMI/ENs
    • Digital audio signal processing to avoid sound distortion during transmissions

    4) X-SMART: Integrated System Management Software is a platform allowing users to optimize internal system resource utilization and manage daily routines more efficiently.  It can be customized according to user requirements. The PAC version, designed for small to mid-size project, is a pioneer.

    • Can load and operate on E-maps. Maps can be displayed in three layers for more details
    • Can monitor all the equipments. Can provide faulty alarms and indicate error locations
    • Administrator can add/remove user numbers and configure access controls
    • Provide interfaces for third-party Text-to-Speech software and translate text inputs into audio playback
    • Can play audio sources saved on the server machine in any zone on the system network
    • X-SMART PAC, integrated system management software package tailored made for small to mid-size project, is also available

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